All Antique Button Adornment bracelets are One-of-a-Kind and measure 7 ½” long.
Most bracelets can be ordered larger or smaller.

TB371   Price: $90

This eleven key bracelet was created from ABA’s pristine collection of early 1900’s retired typewriters.  Keys from both a black and a white machine are used for effect in designing this fun statement.  Typewriter keys are rimmed in steel; their letters covered by a celluloid shield and can be cleaned with a Windex (or similar) dampened cloth only.  Most typewriter keys are not waterproof.  Set on rhodium plate with a silver safety clasp this eye-catching bracelet will fit all life’s ups and downs.

ABD191   Price $110 

1800s Diminutive black and blue buttons.  Glass with luster, metals and cut steel.  Set on rhodium plate links with a sterling silver toggle clasp.

ABA113   Price: $95

Pastel glass, B. Potter, and other buttons.  Rhodium plate links with sterling fold over safety clasp.

TB341   Price:  $100

Black and white typewriter keys with a unique "Self Starter" key creates a bracelet made for every woman.  Set on Rhodium with a fold over clasp.

Price:  $130

Charming Ivoroid flower buttons surrounded by a wonderful variety of stamped, molded and embellished metal buttons of the mid 1800s.  Ivoroid is a term used for metal buttons with celluloid   stamped center designs.  The bracelet links are gold plated, with a gold  fold over safety clasp.

CLB356   Price: $145  

Crisp and dramatic, black and white Mother of Pearl cuff links with outstanding shapes and settings. Set on rhodium links with a sterling fold over safety clasp and sterling guard chain.