About Jane Rodger :

My interest in buttons began when I was growing up in Brooklyn, NY.  I loved sorting through my Grandmother's and Mother's treasured tins of saved buttons and was fascinated by the materials used in button making, the artful designs and especially their captivating history.  As I grew, so did my interest in buttons, becoming a collecting passion.  

My husband Will and I frequently travel, wherever we go we’re in search of antique button treasures.  The possibilities of the find are endless and trying to unravel the mystery of a button’s history is irresistible.  Over the years my button collection has grown into the thousands, and at some point I realized these beautiful little works of art were created to be worn, and should be worn again. From this awareness, over ten years ago, Antique Button Adornments was born.   

About my work….  

With an eye for one-of-a-kind design, I also use unique pieces from elegant Edwardian Cuff Links, Antique Typewriter keys and other small treasures of historic value.  I am constantly refining my work and experimenting with new designs.  Each piece is thoughtfully handcrafted using only authentic antique buttons, cuff links or typewriter keys of the early 1800’s through early-1900’s creating a unique collection of adornments for those who enjoy wearing original works of art.  

The materials used in ABA jewelry making are:  Bracelets in sterling silver, rhodium-plate or gold plate over steel.  Earrings are made in sterling silver, silver or gold plate or surgical stainless steel.  Pendants and Slides all in sterling silver.  Chains are sterling silver.  Watches are of marcasite or base metal with stainless steel back and include a separate one-year warranty.  All ABA pieces are warranted for one year.